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Finding an IT Support Who's Your Partner

There are a multitude of factors that go into choosing an IT support vendor. Aside from the fact that most professionals tasked with the job of finding an IT partner don’t have the technical expertise to talk the talk, choosing a vendor requires careful consideration of strategic factors to ensure that you work with a provider that is right for you.

What a Data Breach Could Cost Your Business

Think you can fly under the radar when it comes to a data breach?

180 Million Reasons to be Familiar With Your Firewall

Does the term "Firewall" sound familiar? Maybe from a science fiction movie from the last decade, where the technology savvy heroes hack their way into an evil organization's network to extract critical information that can save the world? Or perhaps its something you've heard only big corporations use, to safeguard their millions of credit card records or medical information.

Building a Technology Infrastructure in the Cloud

There are some technology terms nearly everyone recognizes, like cloud computing, smart phones, and online commerce. These have had a widespread impact on the way companies do business, whether a one employee shop or a Fortune 500 corporation. A lot of these technologies are invitingly inexpensive, simple to use, and so accessible that business owners may be tempted to jump at [...]

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes referred to as "machine to machine communication technologies", is the label for devices that are equipped with microchips, sensors or anything with wireless communications capabilities. Trends in the production of micro chips have continued to lower the costs of integrating them with nearly any day-to-day device.

Disaster Preparedness Checklist to Keep Your Data Safe

You never know when disaster will strike, but you need to be ready for it.

Do You Really Know How Vulnerable Your Business Is? Cybersecurity Best Practices

Every business needs to be as secure as possible. No one would argue with that.

8 Things to Look for When Hiring an IT Managed Services Vendor

Your business’ data is highly valuable. Think about it. If you weren’t able to access your data, could your employees get their work done? Could you communicate with clients? Could business go on as usual?

5 Do's and Dont's for Choosing an IT Services Provider


The Hidden Costs of Business Technology

Technology in daily business Today, companies are increasingly reliant on computers and other technology. A 2013 technology survey reports that 74% of small businesses utilize smart phones as part of their operations and 67% use some form of mobile computing (National Small Business Association, 2013 Technology Survey). Last year, U.S. companies paid on average of $15 million [...]